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The historical role played by the portuguese in China before the middle of the nineteenth century / Deng Kaisong, Yang Renfei. - Publications of the Center for Portuguese Studies. 10)
In: The portuguese and the Pacific : proceedings of the International colloquium / International colloqium on portuguese discoveries in the Pacific, Santa Barbara, 1993 ; ed. Francis A. Dutra, João Camilo dos Santos. - Santa Barbara : Center for Portuguese Studies [of the] University of California, 1995. - p. 425-451
Descritores: Macau | China | Portugal | História | Governo | Comércio internacional
Cota: 7-61-13-41|BGUC
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The role of the dominicans in the Portuguese enterprise in the East during the 16th Century / Lucio Gutierrez
In: Revista de cultura. - N. 7 (Julho 2003), pp. 80-87
Descritores: Relações diplomáticas | Cartografia
Cota: PP234/RC|FO
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The role of the dominicans in the portuguese enterprise in the east during the 16th century / Lucio Gutierrez. - Edição bilingue. - Existe versão em Chinês. - International Edition. - A rota da manila : no contexto das relações ibéricas a Oriente
In: Revista de cultura. - Nº 7 (Julho 2003), p. 80-87
Descritores: Ciências sociais | Macau
Cota: CS-2076|FCM
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The discovery of Oceanic Islands in the South Atlantic by the Portuguese during the sixteenth century / Nigel Wace
In: Portuguese studies review. - V. 8, nº 1 (fall-winter 1999-2000), pp. 126-156
Descritores: Viagem | História | Cartografia | Portugal
Cota: PP009/PS|FO
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The mixed commissions for the suppression of the transatlantic slave trade in the nineteenth century / Leslie Bethell
In: The Journal of Áfrican History. - Vol. VII, nº 1 (1966), p. 79-93
Descritores: África | História | Política
Cota: PP467|AHM
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The changing patterns of portuguese outposts along the coast of China in the 16th century : a socio-ecological perspective / Stephen T. Chang
In: Portugal e a China : conferências / III Curso livre de história das relações entre Portugal e a China (séculos XVI-XIX) ; coord. de Jorge M. dos Santos Alves. - [Lisboa] : Fundação Oriente, 2000. - p. 15-33
Descritores: Macau | China | Portugal | História | Sociologia
Cota: 6-29-25-13|BGUC
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Several aspects of the turkish threat to India in the middle of the 16th century / Luís de Albuquerque
In: International seminar on indo-portuguese history / ed. John Correia-Afonso. - Bombay : The Heras Institute of Indian History, 1978. - p. 52
Descritores: India | Portugal | História | Turquia
Cota: 5-19-18-81|BGUC ¤ 9-(1)-2-10-44|BGUC
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The role of the Culama in the resistance against the maroccan invasion of the sudan / Fadel L. Abdallah
In: A current bibliography on african affairs. - Vol. 19, nº 1 (1986-1987), p. 47-60
Descritores: África | Sudão | Ocupação militar
Cota: PP1007|AHM
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The reebber trade of the gold coast and asante in the nineteenth century : Áfrican innovation and market responsiveness / Raymond Dumett
In: The Journal of Áfrican History.- ISSN 0021-85.- vol. XII, nº 1 (1971), p. 79-101
Descritores: Ciências sociais | África Lusófona | História | Cultura
Cota: 137-E|Soc. Geog. Lx.
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The role played by efflux systems on the resistance to antibiotics / Marta Sofia Lopes Martins ; [orient.] Leonard Amaral. - Lisboa : Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Instituto de Higiene e Medicina Tropical, . - XII, 84 p. : il. ; 30 cm. - Existe na Biblioteca exemplar cd rom.. - Monografia complementar de : "The antimycobacterial activity of thioridazine derivatives against drug resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis". - Monograph presented in partial fulfiment of the requirements for the granting of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy with specialisation in the Biomedical Science of Microbiology.
Descritores: Microbiologia | Terapêutica | Antibióticos | Resistência | Efluxo
CDU: 615.33:579.26
Cota: S Leitura TD|IHMT