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The displaced in Tete at the limits of survival / Alfredo Tembe, Jorge Teme. - Ilusrações.
In: Emergency Mozambique. - nº 2 (1988), p. 14-19
Descritores: África | Moçambique | Política
Cota: PP1108|AHM
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The zodiac reliefs at at the portal of the Gok medrese in Siwas / Ernst Diez
Descritores: Baixo relevo | Anatólia
Cota: PP037/AA|FO
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The changing limits and the limits of change : the state, private firms, international industry and China in the evolution of Taiwan's electronics industry / Douglas B. Fuller
Descritores: Taiwan | Indústria electrónica | Papel do estado
Cota: PP222/JC|FO