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The administration of Angola its policy and methods
In: Boletim geral das colónias. - Ano V, nº 47 (Maio de 1929), p. 365
Descritores: Política colonial | Administração colonial | Angola
Cota: P2 Port/Boletim da Agência Geral das Colónias|UCDCT
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China, modernisation and the goal of prosperity government administration and economic policy in the late 1980s / ed. and compil. by Kate Hannan. - Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, . - 352 p.
Descritores: Política industrial | Estrutura industrial | Política económica | Investimento estrangeiro | China
Cota: E.173 CHI|ISCTE
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Portugal´s christian policy in its drive to the east and the case of Malacca / Manuel Joachim Pintado. - Talk given by rev. Fr. Manuel Joachim Pintado to the members of the University of Malayan Historical Society, and the public of Malacca under the auspices of the Malacca Historical Society.
In: Boletim Geral do Ultramar. - nº 383 (1957), p. 5-22
Descritores: Portugal | Política dos transportes
Cota: PP34|AHM
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Scott & Bowne
The new therapeutics of cod liver oil its indications and administration / Scott & Bown. - London : Scott & Bowne, . - 15 p. ; 20 cm
Descritores: Terapêutica | Bacalhau
Cota: P638|CLP Goa
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The conception of soft power and its policy implications : a comparative study of China and Taiwan / Hongying Wang and Yeh-Chung Lu
In: Journal of contemporary China. - V. 17, nº 56 (Ag. 2008), pp. 401-423
Descritores: Política | China | Taiwan
Cota: PP222/JC|FO