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Alguns caracteres ópticos das micas do Alto Dande / C. A. Torre de Assunção. - Memórias : Série de Geologia Económica. 1). - <The optical of Alto Dande`s specimens of mica pegmatites reached the results shown on the attached tables. The indications included in the tables shown that all the studied specimens belong to the hepatafilites group and, within it, to the muscovite system, even for the brown colour specimens. In the last part of this contribution the results of the chemical analysis of the mica from Dande are shown.>
In: <Jazigos de mica de Angola> / J. Bacellar Bebiano. - Lisboa : Imprensa Nacional de Lisboa, 1946. - p. 65-70, [3] p.
Descritores: Mineralogia | Mica | Petrografia | Granitos | Pegmatitos | Geologia aplicada | Alto Dande (Angola)
Cota: 14-186|LNEG