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A preliminary report on the recsnt archorology of Ngonde, Northern Malawi / K. R. Robinson. - Contém ilustrações e bibliografia
In: The Journal of África History. - Vol. 7, nº 2 (1966), p. 169-188
Descritores: Ciência política | Ngonde | Norte | Malavi
Cota: PP467|AHM
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Preliminary report on the geology of the Karonga Chitipa districts of northern Malawi / G. E. Ray
In: Twelfth annual report on scientific results : session 1966-67 / University of Leeds, Research Institute of African Geology and Department of Earth Sciences. - Leeds : University of Leeds, 1968. - p. 15-16
Descritores: Geologia | Africa
Cota: E178-P2-GB-9|LNEG

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