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A critical examination of the evidence relating to the discovery of the Main Relf : series of auriferous conglomerates on the Witwatersrand on portion of the farm Langlaagte : belonging to G. C. Oosthuizen in 1886 / Justice F. E. T. Krause
In: South Áfrican Journal of Science. - Vol. XLIII, (1947), p. 1-35
Descritores: África Meridional | África do Sul | Investigação científica | Ciências da Terra | Geologia | Mineralogia | Auríferos | Ouro
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New evidence relating to the process of islamization in Palestine in the early muslim period : the case of Samaria / Milka Levy-Rubin
Descritores: Palestina | Islamização
Cota: PP002/JE|FO