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Women and wage labour in the medieval Islamic West : legal issues in an economic context / Maya Shatzmiller
Descritores: Mulher | Mercado de trabalho | Salário | África do Norte | Espanha--Islamismo
Cota: PP002/JE|FO
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Islamic institutions and property rights : the case of the 'public good' Waqf / Maya Shatzmiller
Descritores: Islamismo | Direitos de propriedade
Cota: PP002/JE|FO
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Economic performance and economic growth in the early islamic world / Maya Shatzmiller
In: Journal of the economic and social history of the Orient. - V. 54, Parte 2 (2011), pp. 132-184
Descritores: Islamismo | População | Geografia | Capitalismo
Cota: PP002/JE|FO