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Book Reviews : History and archeology / David B. Coplan ...[et al.]. - Isaria N. Kimambo. Penetration and protestin Tanzania : the impact of the world economy on the para, 1860-1960 London : James Currey, 1991 xii+188 pp; Jan Vansina. Paths in the rainforests. toward a history of political tradition in equatorial África. Madison, Wisconsin : the University of Wiscosin Press, 1990; K. Mann and R. Roberts, eds. law in colonial África. Portsmouth, New Hampshire : Heinemann, 1991 x+264 pp. bibliography.
In: Áfrican Studies Review. - Vol. 36, nº 1 (Abr. 1993), p. 127-140
Descritores: África | Ciências sociais | Arqueologia | Análise
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